Upon joining the school in January 2015, I discovered a school that had experienced an incredibly strong growth trajectory since its launch in 2000. The amazing accomplishments of the students, an incredible world-class facility, and a highly dedicated faculty, staff and parent community committed to impacting student lives, is truly inspiring.

As we look ahead to the next 15 years and beyond, we are committed to continuing to reinvest and focus on remaining one of the top, independent, college-preparatory schools in the nation. Oaks Christian School’s mission is focused on three major tenets - Academic Excellence, Artistic Expression and Athletic Distinction. We have a vibrant campus community that is committed to educating the ‘Whole Child’, and who puts the student first. We offer students a rigorous curriculum, delivered by a highly-engaged faculty, coupled with small classes that delivers a highly successful record of placement into many of the finest colleges and universities in the country, and throughout the world. We have an outstanding arts program that represents the heart and soul of the school, and a highly successful athletic program that develops and builds character in the lives of our athletes. As a Christian school, we offer all students an opportunity to embrace and further develop their relationship with God, or to explore the Christian faith and learn more about the richness of its offerings. Oaks Christian School welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds regardless of their personal religious beliefs without fear of discrimination or disadvantage. We encourage you to learn more about all the many opportunities that Oaks Christian School has to offer and we can’t wait to welcome you to our campus!

Robert T. Black
Head of School