Students and their families dreamed of a school that integrated academics, arts, athletics and Christian values-all in a nurturing, family environment.

The history of Oaks Christian School (OCS) begins with the generosity of David Price and Dallas Price-Van Breda. Their vision was to create a Christian high school of the highest caliber in the West Los Angeles area. Their search for a suitable property began in March 1994, but yielded few options and no success.

In 1997, after much prayer and patience, an 18-acre piece of property became available in Westlake Village. Although at first this location seemed too far away from the original vision for a West L.A. school, the Prices felt led to consider the Conejo Valley as the place for their dream. Shortly thereafter, the property was purchased, board members were secured.

After more than a year of preparatory work, an interest from the community highlighted the need for a middle school. In May 2000, the development of the OCS Middle School began in the form of 40 sixth-grade students. With the desire for new space to continue its growth and meet the needs of the community, OCS was presented with an opportunity to secure a property contiguous to the current campus. This seven-acre site was developed to create a new OCS Middle School campus replete with creative facilities and programming specifically geared toward middle school-aged students. The grand opening of the new middle school campus in August 2009 marked another chapter in the school's history--the fruits of the Price's generosity and an extension of their original dream and vision. In recent years, OCS has added Academy V, a fifth grade program, and the Learning Center that serves over 800 OCS and community students annually, as well as an online school.

That original seed has flourished to become a thriving student body of nearly 500 students, encompassing grades 5-8. The high school has grown to over nearly 1,000 students in grades 9-12.

OCS continues to prosper in its efforts to meet the needs of students and families that dreamed of a school that integrates academics, arts, athletics and Christian values--all in a nurturing, family environment.