Faculty & Staff Directory

You can email nearly all employees at Oaks Christian School by using the first initial of the first name and the full last name @oakschristian.org.  For example, the email address for John Smith is jsmith@oakschristian.org.

To access the Oaks Christian Learning Center directory, visit OCLC Directory.  

To access the Oaks Christian Online School directory, visit OCO Directory.

Engaging, creative, passionate---these are just a few of the words often used to describe the highly talented faculty of Oaks Christian School. They are dedicated to inspiring their students to pursue understanding in an environment where excellence is compassionately demanded of all. Through the tireless pursuit of improving their craft the Oaks Christian School faculty continues to create students who, not only possess skills and knowledge, but demonstrate their talents through classroom activities that promote the articulation of understanding. Our faculty does more than instruct students; they mentor young minds to learn, lead and serve.