Welcome to Oaks Christian School

Oaks Christian School stands in the tradition of the classic American college-preparatory academy: it gives students mastery of the historic academic disciplines necessary for collegiate success and life-long leadership. It emphasizes academic excellence, artistic expression and athletic distinction.  I am thrilled to be here because Oaks Christian is a place where wisdom and beauty can make a deep impression on the potential, future leaders of American education, arts, government and culture.

Like all of the acclaimed college-preparatory schools established in early American history, Oaks Christian has built its achievements on a foundation of Christian reverence. Our teachers are passionate experts in their fields who also openly affirm the historic Christian faith in God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Obviously, there is nothing new about this. Education anchored in Christian theology characterized Western civilization for over 2,000 years. But equally obvious, cultural amnesia has set in! Many people today are unfamiliar with the civilization that gave us the freedoms we presently enjoy. One of my goals is to make sure our students know they stand on the shoulders of earlier generations who affirmed the Holy Trinity, the Imago Dei in mankind, the Incarnation, natural law and religious liberty, and how such convictions inspired the high points of our art, literature and law.

At Oaks Christian School we welcome not only those who identify with the historic Christian faith, but also those of other convictions. In fact, it is our faith in Christ that requires us to guard every person’s liberty of conscience. No student is ever obliged to agree with our beliefs. Whether they share our convictions or not, what all OCS families have in common is an appreciation for our whole-person, high-caliber education.

I invite you to get acquainted with Oaks Christian School. Take some time to tour our beautiful campus and state-of-the art facilities. Join us for our athletic events, our concerts, theatre productions and art exhibits. Have some fun with us and learn about the richness of an Oaks Christian education!

Welcome to the home of the Lions!

Graham Walker, Ph.D.