Grade 5

group-of-5thgradersAcademy V provides the opportunity for a select group of students to experience Oaks Christian with the advantage of a self-contained classroom. A small class of students experiences the excellence of academics, arts, and athletics from a Christian worldview. The curriculum is aligned with state-standards, but designed to provide a primer to each core department of Oaks Christian School. The schedule is specifically designed to provide a unique and distinct experience for 5th grade with access to the amazing facility, but separate daily schedule from the middle school students to limit interactions.

An administrator works directly with the Academy V teachers and serves as a resource for both students and their families. The Deans work with the teachers in the development and planning for chapels, assemblies, field trips and other activities. Administrators, along with the teachers, serve to assist with conflict resolution, issues of conduct, and helps to maintain a safe, respectful, environment that is conducive to learning.

Academic Excellence


This study provides a basic introduction to the structure and themes of the Word of God. As students journey through this fast-moving survey, they will discover the truths and applications that God has provided in each book of the Bible. God’s gracious work is clear—from creation to the cross to the consummation of time.

  • Builds knowledge lesson by lesson and across grade levels with coherent lessons
  • Deepens understanding with vocabulary, cognitive rigor, and higher-level thinking skills
  • Develops fluency and conceptual understanding in a multitude of ways
  • Focuses on conceptual development for all learners


English 5 (2nd ed.) studies traditional grammar and guides students through the step-by-step use of the Writing Process for a variety of writing assignments, such as compare-contrast essays, persuasive business letters, research reports, and more. The student work text provides guided practice, independent practice, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews. The elementary English curriculum provides a good balance of grammar and writing instruction.


Students will explore the cultures that make up our nation today, as well as the events that shaped it. With rich content and hands-on activities, this program encourages students to not only learn, but grow as they learn about the history of the United States.


In alignment with the Common Core State Standards, the scope and sequence of Progress in Mathematics is organized into bite-sized, manageable lessons allowing for deeper understanding of skills and concepts so students can learn as quickly they can or as slowly as they must. Progress in Mathematics:


Reading 5 Student Text (2nd ed.) provides engaging reading material for the 5th grade level. Presented in a colorful, richly illustrated format, the literature selections help students build reading comprehension and cultivate an appreciation of literature.


Macmillan/McGraw-Hill’s dynamic science program, Science A Closer Look, offers students exciting and accessible standards-based lessons. Engaging activities promote curiosity and foster the development of science inquiry skills. Through a consistent and structured learning cycle, students confidently build upon their experiences to develop a lifelong understanding of science concepts!


The colorful work text pages include activities such as word sorting, word studies, proofreading, dictionary skills, and writing to strengthen your child's spelling and communication skills. Thirty-two age-appropriate weekly spelling lists are included, and each list contains approximately 20 words.

Artistic Expression

Art History

The Academy V Art History course was developed to enrich the student’s study of Colonial America. During their time in the class, students will be introduced to artifacts from the 1600’s and will gain understanding of those artifacts by recreating them. For example, students will do projects such as writing on birch bark using feather pens, just as Colonial students did and creating Native American pinch pots that a Colonial child would have seen here in this new land. These hands-on projects are designed to support Academy V curriculum and give students a deeper understanding of the time period in which they are studying.


General music in Academy V gives a head-start into developing students' creative sides. Students will be given an instructive background into the history of music, its origins, historical composers, and where music has progressed to in today's society. Hands on theory teaching allows the students to have a tangible experience with music giving them knowledge and access into pursuing whatever musical journey they would like in their upcoming years at Oaks. Specialists will come in to demonstrate various instruments (Band, Chorus, and Strings) that the students will get to focus on in their 6th grade year.

Theatre Arts

Academy V Theatre Arts introduces students to basic theater skills. The student is exposed to the building blocks of a theatrical performance that include: volume, diction, stage position and physical and emotional character creation. This course culminates with a small performance in which the actor is challenged to put these skills into practice for an audience of their parents and peers.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts class is an opportunity for students to express thoughts, values, and ideas through a visually creative form. Students will learn about the elements and principles of design by creating a variety of projects which demonstrate this knowledge. Students will also explore the creative process through a variety of media such as pencils, pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, watercolor, tempera paint, and clay.

Athletic Distinction


  • Basketball
  • Lacrosse
  • Volleyball


  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball


  • Cross-Country*
  • Flag Football
  • Swimming*
  • Track & Field*
  • Water Polo

*The highlighted sports are
practice only due to league rules. All other sports are full participation.

Signature Programs

Academic Technology

Introduction to Academic Technology introduces basic computer skills that will lay the foundation for students to be technologically literate in their education. Students will learn to be functional in Microsoft applications (such as Word and PowerPoint). They will become familiar with the keyboard and learn proper typing. Students will also learn to utilize Canvas, the learning management system used in grades 5-12 at OCS. Finally, students will learn what it means to maintain integrity and exercise citizenship in the cyber world.

Class Trips

  • Aquarium of the Pacific (Long Beach)-overnight science trip
  • Theatre Trip-Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza for a dramatic play
  • California Science Center
  • Discovery Center at Ronald Reagan Library
  • Americans and their Families at Skirball Museum


Our 8th grade leadership board serve as “buddies” and positive Christian role models for our 5th grade. Throughout the year, student leadership organizes activities to do with 5th grade that enrich the student’s experience.


There are few things that capture a kid’s imagination more than space, in rocketry students will learn about space while engaging in active learning. They will learn scientific principles as they build and launch air-pressure rockets, water rockets, model rockets, and construct shoe-box rovers. Students will use their creativity in open-ended problems and test their ideas to make the connection between learning and fun.


As a school we strive to uphold our motto “Preparing Minds for Leadership and Hearts for Service.” Academy V students have the opportunity to participate in class service projects throughout the year such as sending cards to Veteran hospitals, donating canned goods for food drives, Pennies for Patients, and the Macy’s Make-a-Wish Christmas letter fundraiser.