Application Process

Applications for Admission Are Still Being Accepted For Fall 2017

Although the February 1 admissions deadline has now passed, we are still accepting applications. We will continue to accept applications until there are no longer spaces available in the class. Please complete your admissions file as soon as possible.

We will consider any applicants who apply after the February 1 deadline in the same way, as long as we still have space in the class.

For domestic students to apply for admission, please complete the following steps. We recommend:

  1. Complete ISEE entrance testing. We can schedule an individual ISEE test here in our office, or you can take the ISEE test at any official test site that offers the ISEE. Please contact Gina Oddi at 818.824.9406 or email to schedule ISEE testing.
  2. Create the online admissions application account and send the letters of recommendation forms. Letters of recommendation are strictly submitted electronically through the online admissions application and can be generated prior to completing the online admissions application.
  3. Once the online admissions application is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to the online system to schedule the interview.
  4. Submit academic records for 2014-2015, 2015-2016, the first semester of 2016-2017 and copies of any standardized testing.
  5. If applying for Financial Aid, both the admissions online application and the Financial Aid online application must be submitted.

Online Admissions Application

Submit the Online Admissions Application as soon as possible to secure an interview date at your convenience.

ISEE Entrance Testing

All applicants are required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). ISEE testing can be completed at any official test site. To ensure test results are sent to Oaks Christian School, be sure to include the OCS school code of #054287.

Please contact Gina Oddi at 818.824.9406 or email to register for ISEE testing.

Online Letters of Recommendation Forms

Insert the names and email addresses, within the application, for the following:

  • Current English Teacher
  • Current Math Teacher
  • Current School Recommendation (head of school, principal, or other administrator)
  • Religious Leader or Personal Recommendation (a youth pastor, Sunday school teacher or godparent is a good choice)

Student and Parent Interview

Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email with a link to the online system to schedule the interview.

The interview consists of meeting with the applicant for about 15 minutes and both parents for about 30 minutes.

Report Cards and Test Scores

We require official copies of the applicant’s academic records. For enrollment for Fall 2017, we will require academic records from 2014-2015, 2015-2016, the first semester of 2016-2017 and copies of any standardized testing. Please print, sign and submit the "Request for Academic Records" form directly to the applicant's school. The deadline for academic records is February 8, 2017.


How many admissions applications do you receive?

We receive around 700 applications for 200+ openings. Because of the competitive ratio of applications to openings available, it is important to pay close attention to all deadlines when completing the application and submitting pertinent information.

How many students are at Oaks Christian School?

For the 2016-2017 school year, we will have 1,337 enrolled students. The average class size is 18. The breakdown is as follows:

• 24 in the Academy V program (Grade 5)
• 328 in the Middle School (Grades 6-8)
• 985 in the High School (Grades 9-12)

What are your minimum GPA and ISEE entrance exam test scores?

Since we evaluate the whole student when reviewing an application for admission, it is difficult to place an absolute minimum requirement for admission. We take into consideration many parts of the application when determining if the applicant is a good fit for Oaks Christian School. Grades, ISEE test scores, and Christian values and commitment are three very important factors. In addition, we also pay close attention to recommendations, leadership and significant extracurricular involvement, as well as the admission interview with the student and parent(s).

Are students placed on a wait-list?

Our admissions process is similar to the college admissions process. We begin taking applications in October of the year prior to intended enrollment. Every applicant that applies by the February 1 deadline is considered in the same manner. We accept the best overall applicants from the group. Generally, we have more qualified applicants than openings. Each year, we place a limited number of applicants on a wait-list. Wait-listed students may be offered admission if an admitted student does not accept our offer of admission. Typically, waitlisted students who are offered admission will receive notification of the offer between May 1 and June 30.

How can I visit Oaks Christian School?

Families can schedule a campus visit, shadow day or attend any and all admissions information events.