Transportation, Bus Service & Carpool


Although not related to our bus service, our website features a carpool-linking feature for enrolled families.  If you want to participate in the carpool feature, you must “opt in” to locate families who live in your area to establish carpools.  Visit the carpool page after logging into Passport. The first time you visit, you will be asked to opt in. After opting in, return to the carpool page where you can search for carpools by city.  A list of other registered families living within the range specified will appear.  Please note that you must register by "opting in" each year, as the information does not roll over from the previous year. Check back periodically as families will opt in at various times throughout the summer and school year.

Link to the carpool page: Carpool

Bus Service

Oaks Christian School offers bus transportation to and from the San Fernando Valley, Calabasas, Malibu, Pacific Palisades and Camarillo, all within 18-25 miles of OCS.  We offer one bus in the morning and two busses in the afternoon to accommodate athletic practices and other after-school activities.  Tumbleweed Transportation, a well-known service provider for independent schools, with an excellent reputation in the independent school market, provides our daily bus service.  

Link to the bus service registration forms:  Bus Service Registration Forms

San Fernando Calabasas Malibu/Palisades Camarillo
$3000 round trip
$2000 round trip $3000 round trip $2000 round trip
$1650 one way
$1100 one way
$1650 one way
$1100 one way 
Coupon Book - First booklet of the year
Coupon Book (additional 20 coupons - one way) $350

Bus Service Schedules / Routes

AM Pick-up: Arrives at OCS - 7:30 AM

Ventura/Woodman 6:40 AM
Burbank/Balboa 6:50 AM
Reseda Blvd/Clark St 6:55 AM
Valley Circle/Calabasas Rd 7:10 AM

First PM Departure:  Leaves OCS at 3:45 PM with arrival to:

Valley Circle/Calabasas Rd 4:20 PM
Reseda Blvd/Clark St  4:35 PM 
Burbank/Balboa 4:40 PM
4:50 PM

Second PM Departure:  Leaves OCS at 5:50 PM with arrival to:

Valley Circle/Calabasas Rd 6:15 PM
Reseda Blvd/Clark St  6:30 PM 
Burbank/Balboa 6:45 PM
6:50 PM
For more information about the bus service, please contact Terrie Stewart by phone at 818.575.9201 or by email to