Since Fall 2000, Oaks Christian School has fostered meaningful traditions and close community among its alumni. From the beginning, OCS students build lasting relationships with classmates, families, faculty and the larger OCS community. OCS alumni maintain a special bond to the OCS school community, returning to visit, serve, and support.

The Alumni Office encourages life-long connection with alumni through personal contact, the OCS website, Alumni Connection Newsletter, Oaks Alma Mater Facebook and Twitter, reunion activities, school events, athletics, and philanthropy. As a school community, we celebrate our alumni and their individual accomplishments while continuing to encourage them. For information, please contact the Alumni Office at 818.575.9269 or



Keep Connected

Keep connected with alumni updates on Facebook, Instagram, the OCS website and the quarterly Alumni Connection Newsletter, which is delivered via email. Update your alumni contact information by visiting our website at the Alumni REGISTER/LOG IN page and once you have a username and password, you will also be able to access the Alumni Directory to reconnect with fellow OCS classmates.

Alumni Facts

  • More than 30% of OCS alumni attend the most selective universities in the country.
  • Alumni have studied abroad in more than 20 different countries.
  • OCS alumni have attended 39 different graduate schools around the world.
  • Global mission service has sent alumni to more than 20 countries.
  • OCS alumni have a wide variety of majors, including business, economics, engineering, communications, marketing, sociology, history, philosophy, computer science, humanities, performing arts, science, political science, and religious studies.
  • OCS graduates have received millions of dollars in academic and athletic scholarships.
  • OCS alumni are thriving in a broad spectrum of careers in more than 50 different professional fields.
  • OCS alumni have achieved distinction in areas such as academic honor societies, as Rhodes and Fulbright Scholars, in prestigious internships, graduate posts; having won coveted research grants in education, medicine, technology, government and law. They have distinguished themselves in so many ways, and are now doctors, professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, musicians, and serving in non-profits and other helping professions as well as in ministry and missions.
  • Many OCS alumni are entrepreneurs who have launched their own business enterprises, started and sold startups, and are heads of companies.
  • A predominant theme for OCS alumni is that they repeatedly state that their first year of college was challenging but very manageable, since Oaks prepared them well for their college or university studies and have found that this is not generally the case for their college classmates from other high schools.