Cheer, Varsity, Bev Dallas
Cheer, JV, Bev Dallas
Cross Country, Wesley W. Smith
Cross Country, MS, Justin Newman, Susan Cuadrado, Kim Newman
Football, Varsity, Jim Benkert
Football, Frosh-Soph, Blair Gillam
Football, Freshman, Ellis Green
Football, 7th & 8th Flag, Lucas Antioho, Brock MacPherson
Football, 6th Grade Cardinal, Jared Langness, Sean Clark
Football, 6th Grade Gold, Jared Langness, Sean Clark
Football, MS Tackle - Cardinal, Rod Menzel, Mike Johnson, Mike Whitelaw, Billy Miller, Shane Quartararo, Steve Whitelaw
Golf, Varsity Girls, Tim Meinert
Golf, JV Girls, Mary Sweeney
Swimming, MS, Sue Holtsnider, Erin Sheehy, Courtney Barr
Tennis, Varsity Girls, Joel Perttula
Tennis, MS Girls, Stephen Millage, Jeanne Tatum
Volleyball, Varsity Girls, George Hees
Volleyball, JV Girls, Julie Bennett
Volleyball, Frosh-Soph Girls, Mydori Saipale
Volleyball, 8th Grade Girls, Kris Gullatt
Volleyball, 7th Grade Girls, Kendall Bilbruck
Volleyball, 6th Grade Girls, Jonathan Sanchez, FM Josue
Volleyball, 5th Grade Girls, Jonathan Sanchez, FM Josue
Water Polo, Varsity Boys, Jack Kocur
Water Polo, JV Boys, Joyce Arbata
Water Polo, Frosh-Soph Boys, Jack Kokur


Basketball, Varsity Boys, Robert Icart
Basketball, Varsity Girls, Interim Coach Ray Capella
Basketball, JV Boys, Carlos Fuentes
Basketball, 8th Grade Boys, Josh Antioho
Basketball, 7th Grade Boys, Nate Travis
Basketball, MS Delphic Girls, Frank Long, Ashley Budfuloski
Basketball, 6th Grade Boys - Cardinal, Stephen Millage, Stephen Santos
Basketball, 6th Grade Boys - Gold, Stephen Millage, Stephen Santos
Basketball, 6th Grade Girls, Frank Long, Ashley Budfuloski
Basketball, MS Boys Combo, Tom Roanhaus
Soccer, Varsity Girls, Sebastian Alvarado
Soccer, JV Girls, Paulo Monlleo-Filho -
Soccer, MS 6th Grade Girls, Nissa Hatfield
Soccer, MS (Division A) Boys, Sue Holtsnider, Rob Bolton
Soccer, MS (Division B) Boys, Lucas Antioho
Soccer, MS (Division B) Girls, Paulo Monlleo
Soccer, MS (Division A) Girls, Jenna Duby, Alicia Bueschen
Water Polo, Varsity Girls, Head Coach: Jack Kocur Asst. Coach: Erin Sheehy
Water Polo, JV Girls, Jack Kocur
Water Polo - MS Boys, TBA
Water Polo, MS Girls, Erin Sheehy


Baseball, Varsity, Tim Penprase
Baseball, JV, Leo Fletes
Baseball, MS Gold, Jack Wilson, Justin Newman
Baseball, MS Cardinal, Howie Neftin, Jim Davis
Golf, Varsity Boys, Tom Placke
Golf, JV Boys, Tom Placke
Golf, MS -Gold, Mary Sweeney, Dan Martin, Steve Park
Golf - MS - Cardinal, Mary Sweeney, Dan Martin, Steve Park
Golf-MS Girls, Mary Sweeney, Dan Martin, Steve Park
Lacrosse, Girls Varsity, Devin Markle
MS Lacrosse, TBA
Softball, Varsity, Peter Ackermann
Softball, JV, Blair Gillam
Softball, MS, Aaron Marcarelli, Mary Wilson, Maddie Marcarelli
Tennis, Varsity Boys, Joel Perttula
Tennis, Boys MS, Nancy Caramelli
Track & Field, Varsity, Wesley W. Smith
Track & Field, MS, Warren Johnson, Corinna Burton, Robert Garrido, Susan Cuadrado
Volleyball, Varsity Boys, Chris Forrest
Volleyball, JV Boys, Jules Bloom
Volleyball, Cardinal - MS Boys, Mike Lubin, Lucas Antioho, FM Josue

Coach Spotlight

  • Kocur Named to Hall of Fame


    OCSH water polo Coach Jack Kocur was named to the Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame this year. His impressive career features an NCAA championship as a player, six seasons as the head coach at renowned Pepperdine University and, currently, the assistant coach on the U.S. National Men’s Water Polo Team...

    Read More
  • Icart Named Basketball Operations Director


    Oaks Christian School announces the hiring of Robert Icart as the high school head basketball coach and the director of basketball operations, a newly-created position for the 2015-16 school year which will oversee the middle and high school programs. Icart joins Oaks Christian with an impressive 22-year career

    Read More
  • Benkert Joins OCS Football


    Oaks Christian School announces the blending of a longstanding, friendly rivalry as Westlake High School Football Coach Jim Benkert joins the OCS football program as Associate Head Football Coach. Benkert is reunited with OCS Head Football Coach Bill Redell,

    Read More