Baseball, Varsity

Season Record: 26-6

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Date Opponent   Departure Start Time End Time Return Result/Info
2/28 Crespi High School Home   3:30pm        
3/4 El Camino Real High School Home   3:00pm     W 1-2  
3/5 Lancaster Away   11:00am     W 3-0  
3/8 Chatsworth High School Home   3:00pm     L 4-6  
3/10 Thousand Oaks Away   3:00pm     W 3-0  
3/12 Westlake High School Away   2:00pm     L 1-4  
3/18 Oak Park Home   6:30pm     W 14-0  
3/19 San Marino Away   11:00am     W 6-0  
3/19 San Marino Away   3:00pm     W 10-3  
3/26 Newbury Park Home   11:00am     W 3-0  
3/30 Nordhoff Home   6:30pm     W 13-3  
4/1 Nordhoff Away   3:30pm     W 14-2  
4/2 Banning High School Wilmington Away   2:00pm     W 6-5  
4/6 Malibu Away   3:30pm     W 9-1  
4/8 Malibu Home   3:30pm     W 10-0  
4/9 Adolfo Camarillo High School Away   11:00am     W 0-2  
4/13 Grace Brethren Jr and Sr High School Away   3:30pm     W 9-2  
4/15 Grace Brethren Jr and Sr High School Home   3:30pm     W 12-8  
4/16 Taft H.S. Away   11:00am     W 11-1  
4/18 Oak Park Away   3:30pm     W 14-1  
4/20 Riverton, UT Away         W 12-5  
4/21 O'Gorman, SD Away         W 22-3  
4/22 Jordan, UT Away         L 4-7  
4/23 Gloucester, NJ Away         L 6-7  
4/30 South Torrance High School TBD   11:00am     W 9-1  
5/4 Carpinteria High School Home   3:30pm     W 15-3  
5/6 Carpinteria High School Away   3:30pm     W 14-0  
5/10 St. Bonaventure Home   7:00pm     L 0-11  
5/12 St. Bonaventure Away   3:30pm     W 6-0  
5/19 Bishop Montgomery High School Home   3:15pm     W 9-0  
5/24 Savanna High School Away   3:15pm     W 3-2  
5/27 Laguna Beach High School Home   3:15pm     W 6-3  
5/31 Palm Desert High School Away   3:15pm     L 1-2  

Team Information

Coach: Tim Penprase -

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