Learning Center


Located in the school-owned Westlake Plaza on the Oaks Christian campus, the OC Learning Center stands as an academic resource for Oaks Christian and the entire surrounding community.  Our highly trained staff offers:

  • True one-on-one support in study skills, organization, time management, motivation
  • Subject-specific tutoring at all levels
  • Test-preparation tutoring for the SAT, ACT, and ISEE
  • Summer academic programs for all grades from 1st through college
The OC Learning Center is available during school hours, after school, on weekends, and in the home.  We are passionate that all students can learn and achieve.  We understand that each student has a distinctive learning profile, and we are committed to students discovering success at every level.

We offer individual instruction in all subjects and levels, including honors and AP courses, from our highly qualified and trained team of tutors.   We partner with parents and teachers to help students discover success. 

  • Provide individual attention: The focus will be an individualized plan that addresses the specific needs of your student. We will offer tutoring and mentoring, both one-on-one and in small groups. 
  • Teach organizational skills: We will teach your student better time management and prioritization of their homework, how to use School Records as a tool, and ways to keep their lessons organized.
  • Teach efficient study skills: We will teach your student effective note-taking skills and how to create helpful study guides.
  • Teach utilization of resources: We will help them to connect with their teachers and communicate their needs.
  • Provide accountability: Assistance will be offered to encourage your student to take ownership of their education and strive to build a consistent work ethic; we look forward to partnering with you in this process.

Schedule Tutoring Now

To schedule tutoring or for more information, please call 818.824.9449 or email learning@oakschristian.org.