OCO Student Megan McClain Pursues her Passion as an Award Winning Equestrian

Oaks Christian Online (OCO) high school student Megan McClain pursues her passion as a competitive equestrian while completing her college preparatory high school program at OCO.

Last winter, Megan was one of approximately 1000 competitors at the Color Breed Congress Horse Show Competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She took home three Congress championships and ended up placing third overall for the whole show. This spring she will be competing in additional competitions for equally as prestigious championships.

According to Megan, "This event is one of the bigger shows of the year so it proved to me how truly talented my horse is and how blessed I truly am to do this. I also made a lot of new friends this year. So, in that God reminded me that I do this for Him, and that there is so much more to it than just winning titles. We get to share that special love for God's beautiful and powerful creation!"

Megan is able to pursue her dream of being an equestrian while being enrolled as a full-time student at OCO. Dr. Christy Cleugh, VP of Operations and Curriculum Development at OCO states, "Our highly recognized college preparatory online program is the perfect fit for students like Megan who have special talents and need the flexibility to balance school with their other pursuits."

When asked to describe what she does to someone who is not familiar with showing horses or events like the one in Tulsa, Megan says, "It is a little hard to explain what I do without giving you a visual. I don't do barrels, or dressage or jumping. I do English (flat only) and Western, but it's not well-known to the general public. The world of horses and genres is so much more broad than people realize."

When asked what she likes best about showing horses, Megan states, "I love meeting new people and seeing all my friends. So many times as an equestrian you feel like no one gets it, but you get to a show and see everyone who thinks the exact same way. It's a very special passion and it's so exciting to see others have it. I also love to see my hard work pay off whether that be in just a fabulous go or high placings or, even in a friend who you know has worked so hard and they achieve something."

Established in 2011, OCO High School provides a rigorous, NCAA approved, college preparatory education for high school students all around the world in a Christian environment. OCO and Oaks Christian School, the main campus in Westlake Village, California are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as by the Southern Association of Independent Schools. OCO continues to enroll part-time and full-time students throughout the school year and regularly hosts information sessions on its main campus – 31749 La Tienda Drive, Westlake Village, CA 91362, as well as virtual information sessions for prospective student families. Interested students can visit the website http://online.oakschristian.org to R.S.V.P. One-hundred-percent of OCO graduates were accepted to four-year colleges.

OCO is the founding school of the Online Christian Consortium, a leadership organization of schools committed to theologically engaged, college-preparatory, accredited, online programs. The organization's vision is that its courses provide an education that uplifts, transforms and inspires students around the world. For more information on The Online Christian Consortium, please visit: http://www.onlinechristianconsortium.org.

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