Tuition - Payment Plan

2017-2018 School Year Tuition

Investing in your student’s future starts at $750 for a semester-long course and $7,995 for a full-time, world class education. Additional fees for books, AP or dual-enrollment courses apply.


Plan 1: Annual Payment Due July 1Plan 2: Semi-Annual Plan, July 1 and November 30Plan 3: 10 Month Payment Plan
Full-Time Student Tuition$7,995



Tuition Payment Plan FeesDoes Not Apply$150 Per Year$300 Per Year
Part-Time Tuition$750 Per Semester, Per Course
Not AvailableNot Available
AP Semester Course$825 Per Semester, Per CourseNot AvailableNot Available

Additional Costs

Oaks Christian Online School works to keep tuition costs and tuition increases to a minimum. With that in mind, careful planning has gone into tuition payment plans, and we offer the three options below. Prior to enrolling, please carefully consider which plan will work best for your family. Payment plan options are selected once the admissions process is complete and a student is accepted for enrollment.

  • Course textbooks and materials
  • Dual-credit courses
  • Tuition insurance: approximately $150 per year
  • Payment plan fee: $150 for Plan 2 (per semester), $300 for Plan 3 (10 months)

Payment Remittance

If paying by electronic deduction, you will not receive an invoice.

Late/Failed Payment Fees: If there is an issue with your payment, the following fees will be automatically applied: ACH-$20; NSF check-$25. If payments are not made good within a 5-day grace period (5 calendar days from due date), there will be an additional fee of $50 (monthly payment), $100 (semi-annual payment), or $150 (annual payment).

Third-Party Educational Loans : Educational loans are available through a third-party lender by the name of, YOUR Tuition Solution. Applications may be submitted either on-line at, or by calling 800.920.9777. Please note that it may take several weeks or more for any loans to be approved and processed so begin this process long before the first tuition payment is due. Email:

Please call OCO at 818.575.9299 or 855.462.6257 or email for more information.

Features and Benefits

Full-time Students

  • 5-6 year-long courses with comprehensive course content
  • Student orientation
  • AP and Dual Credit courses available
  • Parent information portal
  • Teacher support
  • Student advisor support
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Access to main-campus recorded chapels and weekly devotions.
  • Payment plan available
  • Full-time College Counselor and 4-year course
    -College Testing (PSAT, SAT, PLAN, EXPLORE, ACT, and Princeton review) coordinated and included
  • Naviance college planning program with SAT and ACT Preparation
  • College Counseling Presentations (sixteen hour-long events per year on college admissions topics)
  • Counselor authorization of Work Permits and Actors Permits
  • Spiritual Life Advisor and 4-year course with community service component
  • OCO Diploma upon graduation
  • Student ID Card
  • Connect to OCO online community through student clubs, assemblies, events, local college tours, Parent Teacher Fellowship meetings and week-long college trips and spiritual life retreats