Activities - Service - Missions - Chapels


Oaks Christian Online School students experience multiple socialization opportunities as part of their Spiritual Life Course. They participate in online course sessions to respond to curriculum, chapels, and community service projects. Students also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face for joint community service and mission trip opportunities both locally and abroad. There is ongoing online interaction with an advisor who offers student support in all areas of the learning experience, leadership and personal spiritual journey.

The motto of Oaks Christian School is, “Preparing minds for leadership and hearts for service.” With this as a motto, students are encouraged to serve within an area of their gifting and their passion. There are so many places in our world that struggle with hurt, poverty, injustice, disease, loneliness, and brokenness, that students are encouraged to experience the joy of being part of a solution. We want students to make an impact in the lives of their neighbors and their community. The Spiritual Life Director will work with students and support them in this process.

Missions and Chapel Services

Students will be given the opportunity to watch and respond virtually to live and recorded Oaks Christian School chapels. Students will also interact remotely with worldwide mission organizations by their junior year in high school. Based on interest, students may have an opportunity to visit one of the mission focus groups. Many of these relationships will be student-driven and will develop with the class’s enthusiasm.

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