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Vision and Mission: Social media has proven to be an efficient and meaningful communication tool. It offers students, parents, and the OCS administration valuable interchange. At Oaks Christian School, our vision is to allow the official OCS Facebook and Twitter accounts to be an extension of our school website, providing a dynamic venue for students, parents, and friends to receive up-to-date event information and news about OCS students and the OCS community at large—while advancing our school mission for “academic excellence, artistic expression, and athletic distinction. For example, Oaks Christian School Facebook gives you a day-to-day view into OCS student life as we post photos and news about student academic, artistic, athletic, spiritual life, and community service accomplishments. 

Authorized Sites: Unfortunately, there are unsanctioned social media sites that have used the OCS name and logos, violating trademark laws and misrepresenting our school. Please visit only the official OCS social media sites listed.  Connect with Oaks Christian School on Facebook and Twitter to receive accurate and official information about OCS student life and events, but keep in mind that the Oaks Christian School website offers the most comprehensive and complete OCS information.  

Monitor and Educate: Parents should be especially mindful of the uses and abuses of social media and the potential harm to their children. At Oaks Christian School, we take seriously our responsibility when communicating with the OCS community—both students and parents—and we encourage you to take responsibility for how and when your child accesses social media. Parents should monitor and educate their children about the benefits and dangers. 

Resources: Below you will find links to helpful handbooks, websites and literature about the basics of social media and some helpful guidelines you can discuss with your children.