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We are called to kingdom work here.

Our faculty and staff are comprised of individuals who consider their vocation a calling and are committed to advancing the Kingdom of God through their professional skills and education. They consider their work as an investment in future generations. 

Education doesn't end at the classroom door or when the last class dismisses for the day. We know that mentoring and teaching take place on the stage, the fields, the court, on retreats, and off-campus excursions: anywhere and anytime our faculty and staff engage with our students. 

As part of the OCS family, our employees are part of a supportive team, encouraged and inspired by like-minded colleagues who partner with each other and with parents to spark a lifelong love of learning, curiosity, and collaboration. 

As an independent Christian school, we seek applicants who are active members of an evangelical church whose lifestyle demonstrates their personal faith in Jesus Christ and upholds Christian beliefs. Candidates who join the OCS team must be in agreement with our Statement of Faith.

Should your professional interests lead you to consider employment at Oaks Christian, we invite you to get started! We’d love to get to know you to see how your skills and experience might be a great fit for us!

Wellness Perks

We offer health, dental, vision and life insurance, and long-term disability to regular, full-time employees and eligible family members. We pay a portion of the premiums for the group benefits. 

Plan Your Future

We offer a voluntary 403B retirement plan for 20+ hour employees after their first payroll period. We match $1 for each dollar the employee contributes, up to 5% of pay after 5 years employment.

Rest and Recharge

A rested and recharged employee is a happy and productive employee! Oaks Christian offers 21 paid holidays per year to our full-time, regular employees.

Join the OCS Family

After one year, tuition remission for children is available to full-time employees who remain as a .80 FTE (80%). New and part-time employees can apply for needs-based financial aid.

Lifelong Learning

Upon completion of a master’s or a doctorate degree, employees receive a $3,000 increase to their base pay. Full-time employees receive up to $3,000 per year for professional development.

Special Incentive Plan

We align our goals and objectives with overall employee performance through our SIP program. The yearly SIP award is in addition to an employee’s yearly compensation, and an OCS distinctive.


Meet the Human Resources Team

Kristi Fitzgerald

Kristi Fitzgerald

Director of Human Resources and Financial Aid
Charlene Lee

Charlene Lee

Financial and Human Resources Analyst
Carol Smith

Carol Smith

Human Resources Coordinator & Financial Aid