Reunite - The Pathway Back

As we prepare for a safe return to school on Aug. 12, we have created a dedicated COVID-19 Task Force (“CTF”) comprised of our Senior Leadership Team, the OCS Director of Medical Services, and other key members of our staff. The CTF, acting in accordance with the mandates of local, state and federal health officials, will work to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff through the addition and integration of physical modifications, processes and safety precautions. We will strive to guide the school community through these unprecedented challenges while protecting the values and programs that help make Oaks Christian School unique. Not everything will look the same, but what will remain is our dynamic community made up of dedicated faculty and staff, supportive parents, and engaged students.

Four Options

Main Campus Learning

Processes and routines will look different as we implement measures such as socially distanced class space, cafeteria service modifications, possible staggered start/stop times for school hours and hallway passing, as well as continued health and safety protocols.

Remote Learning

Live (synchronous) classes with teachers, individualized care through student progress tracking and tutoring, faculty office hours to facilitate engagement, spiritual life programming to help families thrive, academic assessments, some counseling available, engaged structure.

Hybrid Learning

Full-time student status with some classes live with state-of-the-art cameras, virtual student life events, chapels, and class advisories, some classes through OC Online, connection with on-campus support, a blend of remote/online/live learning, principal approval is required.

Oaks Christian Online

Asynchronous learning with live sessions, over 95 courses, UC and NCAA approved, integrated programming with weekly spiritual and student life opportunities, requires high student motivation, discipline, initiative, flexibility and organization

Our Commitment to You



Safety Measures

Our priority, as always, is to keep our community of students, faculty and staff safe. As a result of this, we will enact health and safety measures and precautions to protect students, faculty and staff that will include, but not necessarily be limited to: daily temperature checks, masks, limited visitors, social distancing, smaller groups and classes, sanitation stations, cafeteria restrictions, virtual live large gatherings, sanitation of frequently used areas.


Educational Quality

Oaks Christian is deeply committed to the academic quality of all our program offerings, be it main campus, remote learning, hybrid learning  or OC Online.  We are preparing for a range of scenarios subject to any government mandates. This includes adjusting the layout and format of in-person classes, as well as being prepared to seamlessly shift all courses to remote delivery, if needed. while maintaining our high caliber academics.. 


 Care and Support

At the heart of Oaks Christian is a commitment to care for the whole student as a person and not just a pupil. The same sentiment of care applies to our families. Toward that end, Oaks Christian has provided, and will continue to provide Christ-centered  spiritual care and comfort and any needed counseling as we continue to navigate this COVID-19 situation.