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If you are interested in pursuing a story about Oaks Christian students or programs, we invite you to contact Director of Marketing and Communications Maria Cowell at mcowell@oakschristian.org or at 818.575.9268. 

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California School Reimagines the Educational Model

Covid-19 inadvertently put the education industry on notice. No longer could traditional curriculum and delivery mechanisms outperform the momentum produced by technology, new models and learning approaches that focus on the skill sets that prepare students for future careers.

Remote learning pushed the envelope of what is possible, inching the industry closer to current, flexible working environments for wage-earning adults throughout the world. In the education world, one California school may have already authored a long term response.

Oaks Christian School (OCS) is changing the traditional education model and incorporating institutes, cast with industry titans, to underpin student experiences based on real-world environments and opportunities. 


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