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"Evidence of Things Not Seen"

Visual Arts Chair Exhibit On Display

Congratulations to OCS Visual Arts Department Chair Anna Wadman for her art exhibit "Evidence of Things Not Seen" which was displayed at Westmont College through the end of October. Wadman, who earned her BA in art from Westmont College, created the exhibit as part of her masters of fine arts program at Azusa Pacific University.  "Evidence of Things Not Seen" first premiered in summer 2021 on the APU campus. 

In addition to chairing the department, Wadman also teaches beginning to advanced drawing and painting, and believes the completion of this exhibit and program has strengthened her teaching skills.

"It was a deep dive into the contemporary art world and it helped me learn the current expectations and trends that my students will encounter in college," she shared. "The portfolio class creates a body of work with and end of the year show, and this walked me through the same process at an MFA level. It felt good to be a student again which is always the best way to be a become a better teacher because it gives you empathy as you experience the struggle as a student."

As an artist, she was trained in realism, but her interests have lead her toward experimentation in mixed media and non-representational art. During the pandemic, when people were confined to their homes, domestic interiors took on a new importance for Wadman. "Evidence of Things Not Seen" is a look at the fleeting forms of cast shadows in and around the home. 

"I found myself delighted by the shifting shadows that danced through my mundane routines and surroundings. Using paint and film, I documented surprising glimpses of beauty nestled between the daily chores and demands. My work is a reminder to savor holy moments hovering in the ordinary and touched by the light," she shared in her artist statement.

Also from her statement: Throughout history, cast shadows have held multiple layers of meaning becoming a metaphor for the memories of the past, the unseen spiritual realm, the grief of loss and regret, the mystery of the present, and the uncertainties of the future. By focusing on the intangible cast shadow, I remind viewers to contemplate the relationship between the visible and the unseen and to center on what matters.

In addition to her BA and now her MFA, Wadman also holds a MA art education from the School of Visual Arts in New York City,  and is a member of the National Art Educator Association. To learn more, visit her website at  

(photos by Christine Smith)