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From Generation to Generation

Oaks Christian Welcomes First Alum Child

After celebrating its 20th anniversary just three years ago, Oaks Christian School has reached another milestone with a new generation of Lions now starting to attend their parents' alma mater. 

James Thompson is a seventh grader this year at Oaks Christian: his mother, Karlee (Sterling) Thompson, graduated in 2005. 

James and Karlee were featured in a special video that debuted at the OCS Dinner Gala Auction in April. 

"Overall, the guiding beliefs and values that led to the formation of the school back in 2000 are still evident in the way the school operates," Karlee shared as one of the reasons her and husband, Trevor, decided to enroll James at Oaks Christian.

God had made it clear to the Thompsons that Oaks Christian was the best place for him to grow as a Christian, and of course, a well-rounded student. In his short time here, James has already played on the middle school football and basketball teams. 

He follows the athletic footsteps of his mother who was one of the students who started the first-ever OCS girls' water polo team. "We were proud to get the girls' water polo team at Oaks started," says Karlee. "It’s clear that the school still does a great job engaging students." 

Little did those early water polo female athletes know that the success of the girl's water polo team would eventually produce an alumni Olympic gold medalist (Amanda Longan, Class of 2015).
Like Karlee did in her day, James takes advantage of the many programs Oaks Christian offers, and especially enjoys Intro to Engineering and Aerospace taught by middle school teacher Lesia Moore. As James explains with much enthusiasm, "My grandpa fly’s planes, so I wanted to figure out more about that to gain that connection with him." He also wants to join the advanced piano elective!

Connecting James and Karlee is current OCS English and French teacher Emily Sadler, who graduated with Karlee, and today has James as a student. Sadler describes him as a star student and also states that "Oaks should be very proud of James as our first 'grandchild.' " 

Photo: James Thompson with parents Karlee and Trevor Thompson at OCS Dinner Gala Auction.0