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Legacy Lions Lauded

Original Academy V Students Graduate

High school can be a time where lifelong friendships are made. After all, students spend four years together in classrooms, on field trips, retreats, lunchtime, sporting events and more.  

For one unique group of OCS graduates, those bonds began back in fifth- grade, giving them a total of eight years together at Oaks Christian – double the high school experience. These “Legacy Lions” began their OCS journey in 2014 as part of the inaugural Academy V class and are now part of school history. 

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In August 2014, Oaks Christian decided to conduct an “experiment” and add a fifth-grade level and see how successful - or not - that endeavor would be. Academy V debuted with 21 students in the first class. The “experiment” exceeded all expectations and today Academy V is a robust program for the youngest OCS students to build a strong Christian, academic, artistic, and athletic foundation for the middle school and high school years.  

Nine of those original students graduated on June 2, becoming the first Legacy Lions, students who have experienced the Oaks Christian journey from the earliest grade offered. As they graduate, they take away various lessons 

“I am very humbled to be a part of this group. I am taking away a sense of family as I leave Oaks,”  Stephan Beach shared. 

“As I leave Oaks, I feel like I am definitely taking away a community I know I can fall back on anytime, whether it’s theatre friends, peers, or my teachers. I feel like no matter where I go in life, I am leaving a place that I can come back to anytime,” shared Abby Riggle.  

Riggle is also grateful for the spiritual learning she had while at Oaks, and how it helped her faith remain consistent.  

“Without Oaks I would not have had a Bible class that I could go to daily and a place to talk about God so openly with friends and teachers, “she said. 

Owen Tross, who will play baseball at Middlebury College in Vermont, is thankful for the strong academic and athletic work ethic he developed as a Lion. And like, Riggle, he too is grateful for the spiritual growth while at Oaks Christian. 

“Oaks has helped me reinvest in Christianity and in Christ. It has confirmed that this is the belief that I want to pursue,” he said.  

To commemorate their journey, OCS Advanced Film Teacher Andrew Christopher created a special video that was shared at graduation, where the student reminisced about their time on campus and how they have changed from their first day as fifth graders to their last day as graduates. CLICK HERE to view video.