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"Life Interrupted" Reflects on COVID-19

California Museum of Art Showcases Student Work

When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted life as we know it, every aspect of society was affected, including the arts. However, as Oaks Christian high school student-artists moved to remote learning they continued to create.

In fact, they used the unprecedented situation to creatively express their thoughts, feelings and reactions to the lock down and its impact.

Selections from the Life Interrupted collection by the Gen-Z student artists are being featured by California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks (CMATO) in a virtual exhibition starting June 15 and continuing through Dec. 31. 

Life Interrupted shares their stories through diverse works in painting, illustration, digital art, documentaries, short films, and mixed media, revealing the context and reality of life during a time of social distancing and uncertainty.

"While the national response to COVID-19 had schools switching all courses to online, many art students were displaced from their usual classroom studios, routine and materials. It’s truly inspiring to see the way in which our students faced these extraordinary circumstances with resolve, enthusiasm and creativity,”  said OCS Visual Arts Chair Anna Wadman.