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Students Win Big at Drama Competition

Placed in Every Category Entered!

Congratulations to our middle school actors! In mid-November, students participated and walked away with several awards in the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California competition (DTASC).Held virtually this year against schools from all over Southern California, Oaks Christian Middle School thespians placed in every category they entered!. Students spent several weeks rehearsing and filming scenes that were submitted for the competition.

The Winners Are:

Musical, "Frozen, Jr."  – 1st place

Playwriters of Color-  "Anonymous" -1st Place

Comedy, "10 Best Things About Middle School"  – 2nd place

Student Original, "Race to the Ceremony" – written by our own Cassie Holzman- 4th Place

Here are cast lists:

FROZEN Jr. – Musical category 

  • Makena  Morgan - Sven 
  • Ava Melendez- Sims - Elsa 
  • Graham Christopher  - Hans
  • Rocket   Dalzel- Olaf
  • Scarlet Christopher- Queen 
  • Misha Marcinko - Anna
  • Luke Busey - Kristoff
  • Luke Davis - Townsperson 
  • Nini Walsh - Townsperson000000
  • Max Baxter- King 

ANONYMOUS -  Playwriters of color 

  • ME #2 - Madison Bradley
  • YOU - Vivek Kanji
  • ME #1 - Carolina Sturdivant
  • ME #3 and THEM #2 - Allison Escobar


RACE TO THE CEREMONY  (Student original inspired by a news story- written by Cassie Holzman) 

  • Sarah:  Sophie Rockney  
  • Bryant: Kaylan Onaca
  • Kylee: Emily Ngo-Tran
  • Writer: Cassie Holzman



  • Westly Buck 
  • Madi Galle
  • Bailey Baio
  • Carly Fries
  • Dakota Meza
  • Elise Rankin
  • MJ Steele