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Counselors Recognized

The Oaks Christian College Counseling team was featured in The ACCIS Brief as a member spotlight! ACCIS highlighted the hard work that our counselors do to support our high schoolers in receiving the best possible help with their college decision-making. 

Team members: From left to right, beginning with the top row: Michael Nation, Jeff Morrow, Amanda Wallin, David Rowe, Becky Motta. Front row: Brittany Lindsey, Valerie Johnson, Amy Krueger.

Below is their interview with the publication:

What new(ish) office initiative are you most proud of? Our "Culture of Care" initiative which was introduced to staff, faculty, parents, and students two years ago in hopes to reduce anxiety and stress around the college counseling process by refraining from negative comments about college lists and outcomes, and encouraging students to check admission decisions off campus with loved ones. 

What long-time office feature are you most proud of? Every November we have our junior kickoff event called "College Knowledge Night." Junior parents and students come to campus for a two and a half hour event which includes more than ten different presentations on topics ranging from How to write a creative essay to The nuts and bolts of holistic admission. We partner with admission reps who come to campus, present, and connect with our families and graciously share their expertise and experience to provide narrative-based context around the college admission process. This has been in existence for more than 20 years and continues to serve our families well.

How do you keep each other motivated? As a faith-based community, we regularly lean on one another throughout the year to share in our challenges and successes. During weekly team meetings, we share prayer requests and what we need support in, then find creative solutions to help address those needs. Our offices are right next to each other, so any time there is a celebratory cheer (such as ringing the bell every time a student is admitted to a college!) we all get to participate in the joy of witnessing it. 

You’re ordering lunch for the office—what are you getting? We couldn't pick one, so our top three are: Sea Casa (local Mexican restaurant), eLoong Dumplings, or Mendocino Farms.