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Innovative Arts Institute Launches

Oaks Christian is establishing a groundbreaking new Institute of Arts and Innovation (IAI), with inaugural pathways in songwriting, vocal performance, music production and film.

This unique program will prepare serious art students for entry into college programs and the commercial marketplace.

Master classes, lectures, and internships will be coupled with real-world entrepreneurship, marketing and branding classes.  Ethical mentoring of artists and individualized education will be highlights of this new Institute of Arts and Innovation.

Launching in August 2019, IAI will initially offer the three pathways and then in the future add more distinct pathways in both performing and visual arts

“In addition to an outstanding academic curriculum one would expect in a world-class college-prep school, this new and innovative business-infused arts approach prepares students to be game-changers, entrepreneurs and influencers in the arts and entertainment industry,” said Associate Head of School for Academics Matt Northrop. “Oaks Christian is looking for students with the talent and drive to seize the specialized training and connections only available at IAI!”

Over the past 20 years, traditional arts education has remained static, while commercial artists have been experiencing exponential change. Situated in the heart of the Los Angeles entertainment trade area, IAI at Oaks Christian is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge head-on by creating this contemporary and innovative opportunity for the performing and visual arts.

Furthermore, Oaks Christian will open a new residential boarding program this fall, enabling artistic students from across the United States and the world to attend the IAI and take advantage of the school’s proximity to the Los Angeles entertainment industry.

Oaks Christian is leading the way in preparing young artists who will influence the world through creativity, story-telling and innovation.  

Prospective students interested in being part of this new, exciting venture are encouraged to apply for admissions to Oaks Christian School for the 2019-20 school year.

For more information about the IAI, please contact Dr. Matt Northrop at (818) 575-9236 or