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Institutes Featured on Forbes

Oaks Christian School and its innovative model of creative education, including the institutes of engineering, arts and innovation, and global leadership, are featured on Read some of the excerpts below and read the full story here.

"Oaks Christian School (OCS) is changing the traditional education model and incorporating institutes, cast with industry titans, to underpin student experiences based on real-world environments and opportunities. OCS leadership, pre-pandemic, went beyond state lines and national borders to pursue new and updated methods to educate students."

“Our advisory councils have been key to the success of our institutes. These professionals, power-players, and influencers have provided remarkable vision, unique perspectives, vast connections, and much needed trust. They are the bridge that connects our students directly to the industry. They help keep us relevant and help our institutes from becoming complacent, while at the same time helping us remain current with new trends and technological advances in the various fields.”- Dr. Matt Northrop, Associate Head of School for Academics


“Employers today are looking less for the ‘straight-A student,’ but more for the critical thinking creatives who will be integral and innovative in moving companies and industries forward into the future."
- Mary Kay Altizer, Director of Institute of Arts and Innovation.

“What excites me the most about the Institute of Global Leadership is how timely it is given the void in leadership seen today. We are missing a leadership approach that is driven by principles and values.”
-Steve Randol, former Vice President of Nestle Retail Operations Center and Advisory Council Member of the Institute of Global Leadership.