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Math Teams Celebrate Wins!

Congratulations to Oaks Christian School Math Team members who competed in the 34th annual Westmont College Mathematics Field Day on Feb. 11. The OCS team went up against eight regional high schools in the event, which also features the College Bowl competition and the Chalk Talk event. 

John Chung took first place in the Chalk Talk, a 10-minute presentation about Fibonacci numbers, and the junior/senior team took first place in Team Test, as did the freshmen/sophonore team.

Junior/Senior Team Test - 1st Place: Juniors Evan Liu, Duncan Snow, and Seniors Ethan Bergman, John Chung, and Tiger Zhang

Freshmen/Sophmore Team Test - 1st Place: Sophomores Sura Cao, Chris Connell, Elena Gao, Allie Luo, Griffin Shakespeare

In addition to the Westmont Competition, math students competed in the AMC 10/12, and three of our top students competed in the AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Exam).

Honors and AP math students in both our middle school and high school level courses participated in the American Mathematics Competitions from November through February. Three high school students were invited to move onto the AIME with our school’s highest qualifying scores. The following students earned honors for each competition:

AMC 8: middle school level competition

Winner: Eighth-grader Caleb Ding
Team Members: Eighth-graders Caleb Ding, Tate Countryman, Celt DeWulf, and Seventh-grader Dominic Weston

AMC 10A/B: high school level competition for freshman and sophomore grade students

Winners: Sophomores Siyue “Sura” Cao and Yile “Elena” Gao
Team Members: Freshman Eashan Banner, Sophomores Siyue “Sura” Cao, Yile “Elena” Gao, Jerry Huang
AIME Qualifier: Sophomore Siyue “Sura” Cao

AMC 12A/B: high school level competition for junior and senior grade students

Winners: Junior Gao “Owen” Park and Senior Enming “Tiger” Zhang
Team Members: Seniors Ethan Bergman, Nicolas Conway, Yuan “David” Gao, Enming “Tiger” Zhang, Juniors Gao “Owen” Park, Benjamin Sinek
AIME Qualifiers: Junior Gao “Owen” Park and Senior Enming “Tiger” Zhang

AIME: high school invitational competition:

School Winner: Senior Enming “Tiger” Zhang
School Team: Sophomore Siyue “Sura” Cao, Junior Gao “Owen” Park, and Senior Enming “Tiger” Zhang