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Student Art Featured at Gallery

Four OCS drawing and painting portfolio students had window displays of their acrylic paintings at The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks. The young women were voted to represent their class and completed a painting as part of their yearlong portfolio theme. Congratulations to Morgan Gillio, senior; Emily Pacich, junior; Hana Ryan, junior; and Emma Burnett, junior, whose art was displayed in collaboration with the California Museum of Art Thousand Oaks (CMATO) through early February. 

The art piece, Self-Reflection, was junior Burnett’s most significant piece, and she is incredibly proud. She shared what the process was like when creating an art piece.

“I love the finished product, but the process made me go beyond my comfort zone and work bigger. I felt like I was racing the clock. But in doing so, I opened myself up to a more free-flow style that I believe made this piece so exciting to finish,” she said.

As artists, they went with a very time-sensitive method in completing their piece. Every paint stroke was detailed and thought out to truly bring their artwork to life.

Anna Wadman, visual arts department chair, is thrilled about her students’ accomplishments in having their work displayed in a public place. She has guided her students on their art journey and is proud of their accomplishments.

“When CMATO offered to give prime window display space to us, my students jumped into action. I am proud that these students rose to the challenge with confidence and commitment. The variety of the displayed pieces shows their unique interests and creative approach,” she shared.

Photos from Top to Bottom: Emily Pacich's, Nostalgia; Emma Burnett's, Self-Reflection; Hana Ryan, Lavender Fields; Morgan Gillio, Into the Looking Glass