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Teachers of the Year Celebrated

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Atsinger Teaching Excellence Award (Teacher of the Year): High School Visual Arts Chair Anna Wadman, and Middle School Science Teacher Leisa Moore. The title is awarded to faculty instructors who are recognized by administration and their colleagues for exemplary teaching performance throughout the school year. Wadman and Moore were recognized at the high school and middle school graduations in May and June, respectively. 

Speaking at the high school commencement, Associate Head of School for Academics and Arts Dr. Matt Northrop said, "What makes Oaks Christian truly special is the people. It's our living curriculum. It's the men and women who don't see what they do as just jobs but who view their roles as a calling: their life purpose."

Wadman was honored as a dedicated teacher who is a strong Christ-follower and has always put her students first during her 15 years of teaching at Oaks Christian School. Her peers describe her as someone who "has inspired students through the visual art of expression in many art forms like painting, drawing, and everything else under the sun. She brings joy to the hearts of students and faculty members alike." 

"She sees the good in everyone and leads by example. She embodies servant leadership. She understands that true leadership is not about recognition; it's about empowering and inspiring others to reach their full potential," said Northrop.

Moore has been a classroom teacher for 18 years, the last four at Oaks Christian. A committed believer, Moore brings her faith and her intellect to her science classes to deliver outstanding instruction. She also coaches volleyball.

In describing Moore's qualities, fellow teachers said:

"Whether it is in the classroom or on the volleyball court, she is an excellent example of balancing truth and love with grace."

"She regularly conducts devotionals with the boys before practice that would challenge them with what the Bible says it means to be good teammates, friends, students, and men of character while teaching them how to play the sport."