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Yearbook Roars With Gold Medal Win

In summer 2019, right before the new school year started, all was going well for the 2019-2020 yearbook staff. They were responsible and excited to produce a special edition of The Pride, the Oaks Christian high school yearbook. A strong staff of 19 students had picked a fitting theme and they were looking forward to chronicling what was sure to be a momentous and celebratory year. The school was celebrating its 20th anniversary, aligning with the 2020 graduating class, hence the book’s theme “The Roaring 20s." It was also a perfect title for a school with a lion mascot.

The eager staff of 19 set out to work in August. But little did anyone know what the year would involve; an unprecedented global pandemic that would halt all on-campus operations for the latter part of the school year. The school shut down came just as the staff was finishing its final deadline. Once confined to their homes in late March, the yearbook students continued to work to finish the historic book, all while learning to navigate a virtual academic world and a new tool called Zoom. But, they did it.

Despite the challenges, they prevailed and produced, yet again, an award-winning publication that earned them a Gold Medal rating with the prestigious Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

“The visual identity to bring the 1920s to the 2020s is a tough sell, but you did a solid job,” noted the CSPA judge.

The book contained stories of the year not only through writing, but with layout, design, and photography. 

“The staff did a wonderful job of photography…you should be proud of the book they put together…” the judge expressed to OCS yearbook adviser and graphic design teacher Blanca Schnobrich who marked this as her 6th yearbook at Oaks Christian, and the 15th in her teaching career.

Schnobrich has represented Oaks Christian at the annual CSPA convention in New York on two occasions, held at Columbia University, speaking on various topics to other advisers related to yearbook production and photography.

Congratulations to the 2019-20 staff (seniors in photo with adviser): 

Editor-in-chief Makena Ryan, Sports Section Editor Ethan Semeleng, Graphic Designer Tyler Akerley, Photo Editor Kenzie Orloff

Natalie Benson, Maggie Bradley, Amelia Compton, Kristina Greenwood, Ashley Hopkins, Shadeh Jaberi, Rachel Marek, Ana Nourishad, Emma Nowlin, Marley Toarmina

Ryan Akerley, Vivian Bian, Ryan Brankovic, Dominick Guerrero, Emily Pacich