Vision & Values

Preparing Minds for Leadership and Hearts for Service


Oaks Christian School students receive a broad and rigorous education and they graduate fully prepared for success as they enter the finest colleges and universities nationally and abroad. However, an education should be measured beyond college success.

Oaks Christian students develop a lifelong love for learning. They partner with excellent faculty who are their teachers and mentors, who inspire them, challenge them and encourage them to question, explore, to think critically, yet passionately, about the world around them.

Our students are bright, respectful, motivated and receive the tools and critical thinking skills to truly be informed. They are educated within the context of Christian values which truly inspires and informs them to be wise, thoughtful, and successful individuals who make a positive impact on the world.


Oaks Christian School students have something that runs deep. They have depth of character, respect, compassion, faith, values and dedication. They enter the school with these traits, but they are molded, guided and shaped by the faculty and their fellow students who also share this same character and depth. The academic and developmental opportunities that each Oaks Christian student experiences shape the core of our student body in profound and positive ways. Our students develop skills and personal qualities that truly inform them and inspire them for a lifetime.


Oaks Christian School students are compassionate. They care about others and the world around them. They involve themselves in all kinds of service and leadership opportunities. Their commitment to helping others and their drive to make things better in the local community, nationally and abroad, is inspiring and contagious. Oaks Christian students and the entire Oaks Christian School community of faculty, staff, alumni and families lead and serve. Involvement in the lives of others to make the world a better place is a core value of our students and of all who are a part of this unique and special educational community.