Learning at Oaks Christian

At Oaks Christian, the classroom is just the beginning.

At Oaks Christian School, our dynamic learning community is made up of students and teachers who are reflective, inquisitive and innovative as they pursue academic excellence. Our teachers are known as "The Living Curriculum" for their mentoring of students and their application of knowledge in a rich and personal way.

We prepare our students to be engaged in the learning process through both collaboratively and independent pathways. We believe the acquisition of classroom knowledge is just the beginning, and true learning occurs when that knowledge is paired with empathy to positively impact the broader community.

The Oaks Christian School curriculum was created from the best programs across the nation, from experts who have become our department chairs, and others with vast experience. Students obtain thorough instruction in a core liberal arts curriculum with an emphasis on critical thinking, formulation and defense of ideas, and effective writing and speaking. Grades 4 through 8 academics prepare students well for the demands of the high school curriculum. Also offered are advanced programs in visual and performing arts, a rich selection of honors and advanced placement courses, and other broad electives.

Dr. Matt Northrop
Associate Head of School for Academics

Student Support
Oaks Christian School is focused on student success and provides resources through our Learning Center to help students through tutoring, test prep and a strong and supportive academic network.

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Our skilled college counselors work individually with students to craft a college admissions plan that takes into account their unique interests and goals to ensure a successful transition.

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