Elective Offerings


This course provides students with a unique opportunity to produce a published book using visual imagery, writing, and photography. Students will learn to interview, gather information through research, learn photojournalism and what makes a good storytelling photo, and compile beautiful spreads using industry standard publishing software programs Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Yearbook is one of the best classes to teach life skills including collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and meeting real-world deadlines. Student will be eligible for leadership roles, and for membership into the Oaks Christian Quill & Scroll International Honor Society charter. There is also opportunity to travel to national journalism conventions, including a prestigious national journalism convention at Columbia University in New York.

Broadcast Journalism and Advanced Broadcast Journalism

This course will expose the students to the workings of a news broadcast. Students will have the opportunity and the responsibility to fulfill each of the positions, including anchor, reporter, camera operator, editor and producer. A weekly news broadcast centered on student life, on and off, campus will be produced by the class.

Advanced Broadcast Journalism is for students who have already taken Broadcast Journalism and are ready for more difficult assignments in the course.

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial class is based around the Constitutional Rights Foundation Mock Trial case for the states of California that is published to all California schools in September every year. Students work on all aspects of the case. Typically all mock trial cases have several different categories of witnesses as well as courtroom roles (e.g., clerk, bailiff, artist, journalist) and prosecution and defense pre-trial and attorney roles. Every case examines as least one amendment. The class encompasses all of these categories from August-February every year. From March-May, the case is over and students work on constitutional law projects, with inclusion of specific amendments. This elective course is for students that might possibly be interested in law as a career, who want to be part of an academic team here at Oaks, and who understand that the mock trial competition is part of the process. This class is on an assigned basis, meaning tryouts are necessary before the students are assigned to the class.

Speech & Debate

The course will teach students how to speak easily in front of others, and to learn how to both construct and perform the speech. Students give prepared speeches on a variety of topics and will learn proper research, structure, style, and technique.Students will also learn the principles of debate and engage in such forums, as well as learn the oral interpretation of literature.