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The Big Goal: Why We Teach What We Teach

These are our goals for all our OCS graduates (in no particular order):

  • Read well for a variety of purposes with an attention to style, argument, and subtlety.
  • Write a sustained argument in a readable style (application of CEW and Informal Logic).
  • Speak with clarity and effect, with confidence, purpose, winsomeness.
  • Listen with respect and for understanding.
  • Be well-versed in cultural, philosophical, and ideological influences in order to weigh all expression and argument against the Truth of Scripture.
To accomplish these goals, our streamlined course sequence allows concentrated study in specific language areas. The courses are not linked to any particular grade level; instead, they follow a natural progression beginning with the foundation of reading well and ending with the capstone of evaluation and synthesis of ideas from multiple sources. College requirements indicate that every student must take four years of English, but they do not dictate that a certain level (e.g., honors or AP) be reached. To push through classes only to have them listed on a resume—without thought to whether or not students have engaged in ideas that deepen their ability to think—sidesteps the purpose of education. At Oaks Christian, we desire to move away from utilitarian and pragmatic thinking that drives students to “take classes” and instead concern ourselves and our students with language study that enriches the mind and enlivens the soul.

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