History is the story of God himself, in our understanding of time and space, through the person of His Son on earth and in the work of His Spirit through the ages. The History Department believes that an understanding of the influence of Christianity in history is not a luxury but a necessity. In addition, the value of a well-developed historical education is dependent upon an instructional approach rooted in the “kairos,” or time laden with meaning, rather than the “chronos,” or the simple recounting of events. Through the “kairos”, the History Department strives to help students develop the ability to make informed, reasoned, and prayerful decisions for the public good. The department members work to help students become effective citizens of a diverse society both domestically and globally. In addition to providing a sense of historical memory and perspective, another of the goals for teaching history is to equip students with the necessary tools for them to become independent learners of history for years to come.

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