Math is the basic language of science and technology. It influences banking, space travel, construction of automobiles and buildings, sports, and the computer industry. Math is a creative, dynamic system that we use to model and understand our environment. The Mathematics department’s mission is to teach students math literacy and competency and to refine organized thinking. Using logical, analytical, and critical thinking, students will develop mathematical habits and skills to help them to think, process, and problem solve in all areas of learning. Self-discipline and consistent effort, along with asking for help when needed, is necessary for success. The math department provides a rigorous curriculum that serves the needs of a broad spectrum of aptitudes and goals and includes the study of great mathematicians and movements in math. Many students fulfill the three-year math requirement by taking Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (and even Pre-Calculus). The serious math student takes a sequence that culminates in AP Calculus AB or BC or Multivariable Calculus.

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