What are the benefits of being a part of the Institute of Global Leadership?

As a student, you will have access to world-class faculty, inspirational guest speakers, and leadership-focused educational trips. At graduation, you will be honored and designated specifically as a Global Leadership Institute student. Additionally, individualized learning will allow you to choose your own area of study. This project will be a unique distinctive and talking point during the college admissions process.  

What is the application process to be accepted to the Institute of Global Leadership?

Following successful completion of the Introduction to Global Leadership course, students will complete an online application. The application will be reviewed by Global Leadership faculty and school administration. This will be done typically during a student’s freshman year.

Can students take individuals courses from the Institute of Global Leadership if they are not part of the Institute?

Yes! One of the benefits of this Institute is for all OCS students to take any particular course that may interest them. 

Do students need to maintain a particular GPA in order to be a part of the Institute?

Students must maintain a 3.0 weighted GPA.

I am transferring to Oaks Christian School. Can I be a part of the Institute?

As a general rule, yes. Students transferring as upperclassmen will likely be unable to complete all the required courses prior to graduation. However, they are encouraged to take as many courses from the Institute as possible.

I am a parent and would love to attend some of these guest speaking events. Can I come?

Of course! We will do our best to accommodate everyone who is interested in attending.

Does the Global Leadership Institute curriculum requirements fulfill current OCS graduation and UC A-G requirements?

Yes, the curriculum includes and exceeds each of these requirements.

Are Global Leadership students able to still take other elective courses?

Yes. However, due to the curriculum pathways, there will be less available room than students taking the standard OCS curriculum. Academic advising will assist in this process.

Are there any special requirements to be aware of as a student in the Institute of Global Leadership?

Students will serve on at least one OCS mission trip during their four years. The experience is an integral part of gaining a global perspective. A variety of trips are offered at varying prices and locations. Students are encouraged to work or fundraise the money required to go on the trip. Students are also required to attend guest speaker presentations during business lunch periods and occasionally outside of standard school hours.

I am interested. How do I learn more?

Contact Matt Hurdle, Director of the Global Leadership Institute at mhurdle@oakschristian.org.