OC Online and Main Campus Blended Learning

What is a Blended Student?

Blended students are main campus students who have gone through the main campus admission process and are paying the main campus tuition rate (financial aid eligible) but have been approved to take an average of 40-60% of their courses online at Oaks Christian School. As such, blended students are permitted to be involved in all arts, athletics, academic, and activities. Additionally, blended students are required to participate in chapel, advisory, assemblies, and class meetings. All main campus rules and policies apply to blended students. This includes uniform policy, early departure/late arrival, and other campus expectations.

Admissions and Course Selection

Blended students are admitted through the Oaks Christian School main admissions process. Thy are approved to be blended by main campus designees (associate head of school for academics, principal, academic dean). Once approved, the academic dean creates a student schedule and submits to principal for approval. Once approved, the academic dean sends schedule to OC online dean. 

Blended students receive 25 hours/semester of tutoring in the learning center as a part of their tuition. Additionally, hours beyond 25/semester will be at a discounted rate. For tracking purposes, the OC Learning Center will bill main campus for these hours.