At Oaks Christian School, we not only prepare our students for college classrooms, we also prepare them for life. Our curriculum is designed to give our students a firm foundation so that they will be able to speak confidently, write fluidly, think clearly, and understand both sides of an argument. All of these gifts will be used outside of the classroom as well. Within that robust foundation, we also offer an array of signature programs, new avenues that build upon our solid teaching and varied curriculum and allow students to develop new skills or to grow existing skills in novel ways.

Educational Travel - The world is wide open to Oaks Christian students. Our Educational Travel options take students to all corners of the globe, from Europe to China to Israel—and beyond! From Art History to a Shakespearean workshop, OCS students make the world their classroom.

Entrepreneurship Program - In our Entrepreneurial Program, the business world comes to us. Students expand the classroom to plan, develop, create, and then sell “the next big thing.” It’s like “Shark Tank” meets OCS.

International Space Station Program - In collaboration with Microsoft and NASA, the International Space Station Program challenges our STEM students to—literally—reach for the stars!

Mission Trips - All of our students have been traveling the globe on Mission Trips since day one of our school. The Lord has brought our students to serve numerous cultures and situations, yet most all the students will tell you that they gained more from the trip than they gave.


Spiritual Life - Spiritual Life is not just a part of our school, it is the heartbeat that drives us. OCS students live, learn, and serve with faith-filled hearts.

Summer Programs - The OCS Summer Programs enrich students’ minds, bodies, and hearts. Whether they are on a playing field or in the pool, or in a classroom or on the stage, our campus never stops enhancing students’ lives—even in the summer!