Resources and Culture

The library staff is committed to creating and maintaining a productive and collaborative work environment for all Oaks Christian School students. The staff is available to assist high school students with research, resources and any technology issues which may arise. The staff is available before, during and after school hours to ensure a pleasant library experience for everyone.

Library and Atrium Culture

  • The library is a collaborative study center where students can talk quietly as they study.
  • Tech devices such as phones and computers are allowed only
    for academic use.
  • Drinks are permitted inside the library. Food is only permitted outside in the atrium.
  • Students are asked to dispose of all trash and return chairs to their proper position before they leave.


  • All resources are processed through the circulation desk by the library staff.
  • Reading material and online resources can be checked out for two weeks.
  • Chromebooks and other technology resources are due back by the end of the day.
  • Textbooks are also available, but may be used only in the library or the atrium.

Technology and Information

  • The library has a range of technological resources including Chromebooks, chargers, and headphones.
  • Oaks Christian provides free wireless network (student BYOD) for all students on campus.
  • Office 365 access is provided by Oaks Christian. Students are asked to use this format for all academic work.
  • Personal devices may only be used for academic study.

Printing and Copying

  • Students may print directly from one of the 30 computers available in the library.
  • Students can also submit print jobs to library printers from their own devices online.
  • The library staff is always available to help students with any issues that may arise.
  • Student OneCard must have sufficient funds to print in the library (10 cents a page).