Library Policies

The library staff is committed to creating and maintaining a productive and collaborative work environment for all our visitors. We are available to assist with research, resources and technology before, during and after school hours. To ensure a pleasant library experience for everyone, we have established policies for circulation, library and atrium areas, technology and information, and printing and copying. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the policies presented.


Circulation Policies

• All resources must be checked out and in at the circulation desk.
• Print books and eBooks from Overdrive are a two week checkout.
• Reference books and magazines are checked out for one night.
• All tech equipment is checked out for one day (due by 3:30pm).
• If a book, reference book, equipment (headphones, chargers, etc.),  or Chromebook is returned late, a late fine will be assessed as      follows: book - 25¢ per day; reference book or technology equipment - $1.00 per day; Chromebook - $10.00 per day.
• If a student owes a Chromebook late fine he/she will not be permitted to check-out a Chromebook until late fine is paid in full.
• Books should be returned to the book drop on or before due date.
• All equipment and magazines must be returned directly to staff.
• Overdue books and Chromebook courtesy notices are sent to student e-mail.
• If materials are lost or damaged, student will be charged the replacement cost plus a processing fee.
• Textbooks are available for library and atrium use only (not for class or home).
• Faculty and staff are welcome to check out materials for a period of four weeks. If material are lost or damaged, the current replacement price will be charged for the item.

Library and Atrium Policies

• Disruptive behaviors are not acceptable or appropriate.
• Students may only use cell phones/tech devices for academic purposes.
• Students must come prepared with academic work.
• Students must enter and exit the library and atrium quietly.
• Students are expected to treat the staff, volunteers, and one another with respect.
• Students are expected to carefully handle resources, furniture, and equipment.
• No food or drinks are permitted in the library except plain bottled water.
• Students must dispose of trash, recycle bottles and push in chairs when finished.
• Disciplinary actions: verbal warning; referral; detention; loss of library privilege.
• When teachers bring a class to the atrium, students may use the atrium, but must not be disruptive to the class.
• Students may not enter the atrium during special events (unless invited).

Technology and Information Policies

• The library is Wi-Fi accessible and students can wirelessly access library printers from any personal device.
• Personal and school devices may only be used for academics; no games.
• Tech devices must be logged into the student BYOD network. (Directions in AXIS).
• Wireless printing is available - directions are posted on the bulletin board. Please ask staff for assistance.
• Chromebooks, headphones, computer chargers, and phone chargers are available to use during the school day.
• Students may not alter library computers, technology equipment or another student’s devices or work.
• Student will be charged repair costs ($60-$120) for any damage he/she causes to a Chromebook.
• Students are recommended to use Office 365 or Google Docs for ease in saving, retrieving, printing and sharing documents.

Printing and Copying Policies

• Students must use their OneCard to print or copy.
• Money can only be added to the OneCard account online with a debit or credit card. (No cash can be added to the OneCard).
• Printing or copying is 10¢ per page.
• Wireless printing is available from personal devices. Please see instructions on bulletin board or ask staff for assistance.
• Printing and copying is only available in black and white (no color printing available).