Student Connection

Five years from today you will be the same person you are now except for the books you read and the people you meet. 
- Charlie Jones

Our college-preparatory library provides a scholarly environment designed for the flourishing growth of our students. We provide distinctive resources for students to develop comprehensive knowledge, critical thought, conversational intelligence, wisdom, and understanding that go beyond test scores and grade point averages.

The library staff actively seeks to inform and support the students’ ever-changing culture of educational technology through innovative and flexible means. Our students are an integral part of our library. We seek to provide opportunities and programs for students to foster a love of reading and learning, and we encourage students to be creative and propose special events for the entire student body. Staff are eager and ready to meet with students.

The students create and implement library-based activities designed to broaden interests, engage minds, and spark sharpening discussions and thoughtful reflection. 

Poetry Month
During National Poetry Month in April, OCS high school students organize a poetry event in the Crockett Family Atrium, complete with food, music, and readings by students and teachers.

Book Talk
BookTalk provides a forum for the students to read and present book reviews on new books with the librarian first, and then with the high school student body at large.

Student Library Committee
The student library committee and the head librarian meet regularly for discussion and student input regarding academic functionality, collection development, and library events. If you wish to be involved, please speak to Head Librarian Diana Yoon.