Test Center

Faculty/Library Collaboration

A few minutes of collaboration makes a huge difference in the quality and success of students’ research experience. The library staff is happy to work with faculty and students to schedule tests, create LibGuides and/or place materials on reserve to ensure equal access and availability of resources. Faculty can forward a copy of research-based assignment to us so we can prepare and assist students in locating, using, and citing resources accurately and correctly. Freshmen receive an orientation to the library (in the Bridge 101 class), coordinated with the deans’ office to introduce them to the OCHS library culture, expectations, and resources.

To request class time in the atrium, please call ext. 230. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis. Classes in the atrium must always be accompanied by a teacher. Atrium reservations are not exclusive-use, but library students should not disrupt your class.


Test Center Information


The Test Center is available on:
B Days from 7:00am to 8:30am
D Days from 2:30pm to 4:00pm


Test Center email: testcenter@oakschristian.org
Phone number: 818.575.9230


Please contact Assistant Librarian and Test Center Coordinator Kyle Roberts at kroberts@oakschristian.org with any further questions.

Test Center Procedure

Step 1 - Email

E-mail testcenter@oakschristian.org Include all relevant information about the student(s) and test-taking needs, including the time parameters and the expected finish time. Please complete and include the Test Center cover sheet form below.

Step 2 - Bring Test

• Bring the test(s) to the library with the student’s name, teacher’s name, course and section number, and date on the test. Give directly to Kyle Roberts or put the test in the teacher file cabinet in the librarian’s office. Create a file folder with the teacher’s last name on it and file alphabetically.
• Once student(s) arrives to take the test, student(s) will be logged in and out on the Test Center Log Sheet by the Test Center Coordinator.

Pick Up Test

• Once the student has completed the test(s), the teacher will be notified by the Test Center Coordinator.
• Please pick up the finished test(s) from the teacher file cabinet in the librarian’s office during library hours.