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The following courses are offered completely online,and full descriptions are found when you REGISTER FOR SUMMER PROGRAMS. They are 90-hour, semester-long courses that require approximately 10 hours of coursework per week. Some contact with the online teacher for weekly online sessions, oral exams and communication is required through email, phone or Skype. The student works within a flexible pace, but regular course participation and adherence within two (2) weeks of the agreed upon pace is expected. To learn more about the online late work policy and course refunds, please see the online website policies or email: or call 855-462-6257.

For Oaks Christian students wishing to remediate English or other courses, please email with your complete request, so we can evaluate your transcript and determine the best courses for your individual needs.

OCO Online Course (Options Available)

Tuition for all courses:           $750*
Dates for all courses:             June 8 – August 7
Materials for all courses:       Desktop or laptop computer, internet access, free Google Apps account

 *Price for low enrolled sections may be adjusted to cover the cost of instruction

If you interested in taking any other online courses, please contact Oaks Christian Online School directly. Many options are available based on demand.