The Institute of Arts and Innovation (IAI) provides high school students with individualized learning pathways in the performing and visual arts, focusing on the relationship between their disciplines and the arts and entertainment industry.  The IAI’s mission is to develop ethical artists who will have an impact on the world by elevating the culture through their art. Immersive four-year courses of study challenge students and connect them to real-world opportunities and industry leaders.  An emphasis on business and entrepreneurship is one of the hallmarks of the Institute, helping students to develop and forward their brand in the marketplace. Traditional visual and performing arts core classes are paired with leading-edge and innovative arts classes, along with opportunities such as master classes, guest speakers, internships, and mentorships in the student’s chosen pathway. IAI specialized pathways include Music Production, Songwriting, Vocal Performance, Film + TV, Acting for the Camera, Dance, and Photography.


Inspiring ethical artists creating impact
through art.