Why the Institute Model?
Education has become much more specialized.  The Institute model allows a student to follow an individualized learning pathway of their choosing, while at the same time getting a holistic general education.

Why an Institute of Arts and Innovation?
The arts can be both powerful and influential, but arts education has not kept up with the unprecedented change brought about by the digital revolution. There are now far fewer “traditional” arts outlets, but exponentially more digitally enabled opportunities in the arts. 

Why at Oaks Christian School?
The Los Angeles area is a world center for film, TV, music recording, contemporary art and entertainment.  It is strategic to leverage our proximity to this center to the advantage of our students.

Why a Christian School?
Who better to mentor and inspire the next generation of ethical artists than a faculty of artists who are followers of Jesus?  This mentoring is in alignment with our school’s biblical worldview, motto and Portrait of a Graduate goals.

Does the Institute replace Oaks Christian’s traditional arts programs?
No. We will continue to have robust traditional Arts offerings for the entire school.  We believe the Arts to be integral to a complete education and continue to require all students to experience the beauty and creativity therein.

Does “Institute” participation dilute an Oaks Christian education?
 No. Students will fulfill all graduation requirements for an Oaks Christian diploma.

Why are there individualized pathways, rather than a general arts education?
Several areas of the arts have become specialized and digitized. Individualized learning pathways are necessary to ensure preparation for both college entrance and the arts industry.

Why are additional and alternate classes necessary?
A traditional arts education is insufficient to prepare students for the current and future demands of the art and entertainment worlds. 

What kind of student is a fit for the Oaks Christian Institute of Arts and Innovation?
The Institute is for students who self-identify that they have much more than a passing interest in a specific field of art and may want to select an art major in college or eventually work in that industry. Students must be able to demonstrate some proficiency in their chosen field of interest.  Additionally, students must be open to being mentored and taught from a Christian worldview.

Specifically, what can students expect from participation in the Institute?
Students will be provided a four-year class plan, and strategic and targeted college counseling toward arts schools. Students will receive hands-on training with cutting-edge technology, as well as capstone guidance, supervision and preparation for college applications.  Students will attend a robust lecture series from working industry professionals in a variety of disciplines, as well as receive exposure to potential internships and networking in their chosen field. Students will receive artistic and strategic mentoring from a biblical worldview.

What are the constraints of participation in the Institute?
Following an individualized learning pathway will naturally limit accessibility to some other classes and programs. Further, participation in the Institute will not guarantee leading roles, internships, college acceptance or job placement after graduation.  Rather, each student must rely on their own hard work, talent and networking to earn these opportunities.

What does it cost to participate in the Institute of Arts and Innovation?  
Participation in the Institute is currently free to qualifying, full-time on-campus students currently enrolled at Oaks Christian School. Suggested concerts, studio tours, SWAG, etc. are paid for by each student.

Do students have to be Christians, or produce Christian music or art, to participate?
No.  At Oaks Christian School, Christianity is presented as a life-choice worthy of deep consideration, without fear of discrimination or disadvantage.  Our goal in mentoring is to see the virtues of goodness, truth and beauty inspire the next generation of artists to elevate, rather than denigrate, the culture at large.

Will student work be censored?
Yes, and no. “Yes” in that student work produced within the Institute will not contradict the core values and biblical worldview of the Institute. “No” in that Oaks Christian will not attempt to censor what student artists produce outside the Institute.  

What are the core values of the Institute of Arts and Innovation?
The core values of the Oaks Christian Institute of Arts and Innovation include:
     1.  To mentor and inspire ethical artists to elevate the culture at large through the production and use of their art.
     2.  To educate and equip artists for both the current and future demands of the  art and entertainment worlds.

How does a student apply?
Current and matriculating students must fill out an application in November for the upcoming year, and must arrange an interview, audition or viewing. New students are given special consideration on the timing of the application and interview, audition or viewing. Special arrangements will be made for new students who live out of the area.

Who owns student work produced within the Institute?
Student work produced within the Institute remains the property of the student who produced it. Split-sheets will be provided and signed where more than one student contributed to the work. Neither faculty nor mentors will be allowed to profit in any way from student work.