Objectives for Pathway

  • To prepare students for entry into the film industry and the nation's top film schools
  • To produce ethical artists mentored from a Biblical worldview
  • To provide practicum/internships opportunities with Hollywood production studios
  • To broaden students' insights and their compassion by thoughtfully considering the importance of story, human behavior and its consequences
  • To build resources for students to be prepared for the entertainment business

"Missperception" Full-Length Student Feature Film Premiere

Oaks Christian School continues to set the bar and innovate in the arts as one of the few schools nationwide to produce a full-length feature film completely directed, produced, and filmed by high school students.

"Missperception" had its long-awaited debut on May 18. The premiere was originally scheduled to screen at Regency Theatres last spring but was delayed over a year due to COVID-19. After searching months for venues, even outdoor ones with safety protocols, the film found its home in front of a live audience at Calvary Community Church. 

Watch Film Below   Read Full Story Here

The Acting Concentration 
The Acting for the Camera concentration will provide opportunities for serious acting students to deepen their acting technique by developing the skills needed for on-camera performance. Class work will focus on the acting process, not just the result. Class work will culminate with work-in-progress presentations and recorded projects in collaboration with the film production class.

Scene study will continue with an emphasis on script analysis requiring the creation of actor’s written notes, character study, and scored script.

Through this record and playback class the student will study the fundamentals of focus, preparation, presence, and the importance of making strong choices. Students will learn and present monologues and scenes, with research and preparation required as homework. They will write analyses of the characters and evaluations of their work. In addition, students will study the ‘business of acting’ including self-recording audition methods and cold-reading techniques on camera.

The Production Concentration
The foundation of film-making begins with story. Through hands-on workshops and partnerships with industry professionals, film students will dive deep into the art of storytelling, including structure and character development. 

Through the production of their own unique stories, students will discover their voice through the creation of multiple shorts and music videos, to longer projects ranging from documentaries to feature length films. Students will submit to festivals around the country and experience the Sundance Film Festival for inspiration from the best independent filmmakers in the world.