Program Essentials
In addition to rigorous training in each area offered, each track will include master classes,
lectures, and internships from industry leaders in the Los Angeles area and around the world
coupled with real-world entrepreneurship, marketing and branding classes. At Oaks Christian
we believe in developing the whole person. Ethical mentoring of artists from a Biblical world
view and individualized education, along with real-world internships and entrepreneurial
opportunities, will be highlights of the Institute of Arts and Innovation. Instruction in industry
standards will be a key segment in the preparation of every student in the program, including
experience and understanding of DAWS and other software programs that will be required of
every artist moving into the music and film industries.

College Counseling for the Arts
Each student enrolled in the Oaks Christian Institute of Arts and Innovation will be able to utilize
college counseling specific to their area of study. Students and parents will be a part of regular
college counseling meetings starting in the freshman year to choose classes for each year of
study, to explore specific colleges for their area of study, to understand the application and
audition processes for performing arts.

Academic Excellence
As students are discovering their unique path in life, we want to make sure they are set with
classes and transcripts that will help them get into the colleges of their choice. In addition to an
outstanding academic curriculum one would expect in a world-class college prep school, this
new and innovative business-infused arts approach prepares students to be game-changers,
entrepreneurs and influencers in the arts and entertainment industry will be highlights of their years at Oaks Christian.