Vocal performance students will receive instruction in pop and contemporary vocal music, ensemble and solo experiences in a capella music, performance coaching, stage movement, microphone and recording techniques, music theory, piano, studio experience, and will thoroughly explore various vocal styles.  Additionally, students will receive introductory training in Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) including Soundtrap and Logic Pro X. Achieving specific vocal styles depending on the music genre will be a significant focus for both solo and group performances that take place on the stages of our 550 and 2,700 seat auditoriums. Students will also receive feedback and coaching from industry professionals. All students are encouraged to maintain regular private voice lessons throughout the duration of the program. Visiting vocal coaches, industry professionals, and master classes will highlight this pathway.


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Intro to Digital Recording

This semester-long class is the exploratory and entry level of the digital recording medium. The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) format of Soundtrap will be explored. Soundtrap is a versatile DAW that works as an app on any platform (Apple or PC) and on any device from a laptop to a cell phone. Students will be introduced to Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and audio loops. Students will explore the platform through creative introductory projects such as podcasts, project based learning and collaborative compositions. Students will learn how to convert their projects to mp3’s. Additionally, this class will prepare students for entry into Beginning Digital Recording. 


Private Voice Lessons

Beginning Digital Recording

The Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) format of Apple’s Logic Pro X will be taught. Students will gain a basic knowledge on Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and audio recording as well as editing recorded tracks and regions. An overview of basic functions of Logic Pro X will be presented so that at the end of the course students will be able to record their own musical projects and convert them to an mp3 format.

Arts and Christian Ethics

Music Theory

This one-semester course designed to develop musical skills that will lead to a thorough understanding of music composition and music theory. The emphasis will be on the rules of theory and composition, ear training, sight singing, score analysis and contemporary chord theory. Offered in a semester format, students would be able to learn music theory on a deeper level in a very quick-paced setting. A basic understanding of music theory essentials and approval from the instructor is a prerequisite.

Professional Development (Reel, Capstone, Recital)

Professional Development classes are designed to partner students with their track providing hands on opportunities to create and experience their field in a professional setting. While not all students will have internships, we will work to place as many qualified students as possible in real-world situations to allow them to learn alongside professionals. Also included are final techniques specifically needed in the student's area of study to move forward into the professional world and college. 

Marketing and Branding

Keeping up with the latest ways to market and brand one's art is a full time job. This class will focus on developing a student's personal brand including elements that make them unique as well as how to market themselves in our culture and the digital marketplace. We will explore: brand development, social media presence, A&R, marketing, PR, marketing, promotions (radio, print, TV, digital), digital marketing and media buying, stream strategy, creative services and design, and brand partnerships. With more and more artists in the market, this class is designed to give students a head start into the world of marketing.

Beginning Piano/Piano Proficiency

Students in this course will develop functional keyboard skills that will provide self-expression and personal growth through participation in music. The course will expose students to basic piano techniques, theory, scales, chords, and repertoire as well as encompass the skills of early sight-reading and beginning improvisation. The discipline of consistent practice in conjunction with graded early-adult piano methods will aid the student in successfully comprehending the fundamentals of music reading as well as executing elementary piano repertoire. Additionally, students will be exposed to a variety of styles and composers, as well as music from the various periods of music, increasing their knowledge and appreciation of various genres.

Entrepreneurship and Business

The arts business (music industry, television, film and art) worlds have undergone extreme changes over the past few years, many of which have opened the doors for developing and growth of independent artists, bands and actors. This class will explore new trends in business for the arts as well as help develop entrepreneurial ideas that will help students create unique ways to grow their business of art. The class will explore: contracts, management, endorsements, tour management, installation management, agents, splits, copyright, licensing, independent artists and gallery installations. This course is designed for any artist who wants to turn their art into a business and will explore many aspects of starting, building and growing their art business.  


Specialty Class (Digital Recording ll, Songwriting, Theatre l or ll, Piano)