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We Are Scholars

Every student is a scholar. Whether they are learning the fundamentals or have achieved subject mastery, we cultivate a deep love of learning and an expectation that wisdom is more than the accumulation of knowledge.

Accredited by WASC and SAIS and a member of NAIS and CESA, we value scholarly inquiry and discipline. Students are encouraged to go outside their comfort zone and consider new perspectives. We believe students learn best when they see the why, not just the how. We teach from a Biblical worldview that connects Godly purpose and meaning behind knowledge to achieve true learning. Our dynamic learning community is made of students and teachers who are reflective, inquisitive, and innovative.


Prepared and Ready

Portrait of a Graduate

We aspire to develop character qualities in our graduates that glorify God and result in servant-leaders. Based on our Biblical worldview and undergirded by our Culture of Care we focus on the traits of: knowledge and wisdom, well-being and community, and leadership and character.

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Stellar Curriculum

Our curriculum was created from the best programs nationwide, from experts who have become our department chairs, and others with vast experience. The core, liberal arts curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, formulation and defense of ideas, and effective writing and speaking. Grades 4 through 8 prepare students well for the demands of the high school curriculum.

Middle School Curriculum Guide
High School Curriculum Guide

Senior Capstone

Seniors in each of our institutes and in some select courses complete a capstone: a self-directed, independent project that coalesces their years of study in a particular pathway or subject. Examples of capstones are academic research papers, a feature film production, an arts show or portfolio or a scientific invention.

SOAR Program

Our SOAR Program (Support with Opportunities, Accessibility and Resources) recognizes and embraces our diverse learning community. Through proactive engagement, we work closely with students to ensure they receive the support and resources to help them flourish. Individual plans for those within the program provide the accommodations and support necessary to enable their academic growth. 

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Service Learning

Some of the best learning takes place outside the classroom. Oaks Christian provides numerous domestic and international opportunities for students to develop "hearts for service." From volunteering at local foster agencies, to stocking food pantries, to serving orphans in Romania, our service learning develops empathy and other-focused awareness. 

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