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SOAR Program

Support with Opportunities, Accessibility, and Resources

Oaks Christian School provides every student with a college preparatory education that challenges them to excel academically.

Maximizing Academic Growth

The SOAR team works to maximize the academic growth of OCS students in grades 4 - 12 with diagnosed learning disabilities and other disorders that significantly impact learning. Individual plans for those within the program provide the accommodations and support necessary to enable their academic growth. The SOAR team serves as an ongoing resource in helping parents and teachers to better understand the unique learning needs and strengths of each student.

Formal Learning Plan

Students in the SOAR program follow the academic curriculum and requirements for Oaks Christian. A formal Learning Plan is created to meet the needs of each student. This plan may not fundamentally alter the nature of the academic curriculum. Students are considered for eligibility in the program following a formal psychoeducational evaluation that meets our accommodation policy criteria along with a diagnosis based on DSM-V criteria.

Services and Support

Services and support vary based on the developmental expectations for each grade, individual students' needs, and educational professionals' recommendations. With these supports and services, our SOAR students realize their full potential and continue to become lifelong learners. From partnering with classroom teachers to supporting individual students, our SOAR team is a resource to the entire school community.


We recognize and embrace our diverse learning community. We believe all students are uniquely made in God’s image, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment that supports each student’s personal growth. Through proactive engagement, we work closely with students to ensure they receive the support and resources to help them flourish.

-Dr. Robin Vukoje

If your student has a diagnosed learning difference or you are considering educational testing, please contact the learning specialist on your campus.


Meet the SOAR Team

Kim Newman

Kim Newman

Middle School Learning Specialist
MiLani Ramos

MiLani Ramos

High School Learning Specialist
Dr. Robin Vukoje

Dr. Robin Vukoje

Senior High School Learning Specialist
Dr. Robin Vukoje, Senior High School Learning Specialist, is a licensed psychologist and credentialed school psychologist. However, in her role at Oaks Christian, she is only providing services and serving as a Learning Specialist and not providing any services as a licensed psychologist or a credentialed school psychologist.